About the Program

Since 1961, the El Paso Council for International Visitors (EPCIV) continues to receive foreign dignitaries through cooperation with the U.S. Department of State to tour the United States. Our program works with U.S. embassies around the world in order to acquaint emerging leaders of other nations with the United States so that they will better understand our country.

These visitors spend three to four weeks in the United States at our government's expense.  They visit four to six communities where they are greeted and hosted by local councils. EPCIV is one of the many councils that belongs to the U.S. Global Ties.  More than one hundred heads of state and six hundred cabinet ministers from around the world have participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program, including Margaret Thatcher and Anwar Sadat.

Most international visitors are mid-level managers who are rising stars in their chosen professions, which include government, education, journalism, and business.  Their ages typically range from 35-55, and they are well-educated and often widely traveled.  They visit business, government, and private sector agencies that correlate to their careers in their home country.  Most of these visitors speak English, although some require an interpreter.  Visitors are accompanied by an escort from the U.S. Department of State; this escort provides interpretation for non-English speakers.

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Most international visitors come to El Paso for two to four days and stay in local hotels.  During

their visit, they meet with their professional counterparts, through three to four scheduled appointments each day.  An evening is spent dining in the home of a local host in order to learn what El Paso family life is like.  One full morning or afternoon typically includes free time so that each visitor can rest or pursue recreational interests. Common visitor activities include sightseeing, meeting the local press, shopping, speaking to classes, and attending civic club functions.


Each visitor and escort receives a per diem allowance of approximately $250 to cover lodging, meals, local transportation, and incidentals.  One visitor and one escort who spend two nights and three days in El Paso will likely spend $500.  A community that receives 100 visitors in a year's time will contribute a minimum of $75,000 to the local economy.  All visitors are interested in the economic links between their countries, so, in turn, U.S. local businessmen and professionals often learn new information about the international marketplace.

World Contacts

Because many nations in the world participate in the visitor program, El Pasoans meet well-informed and influential people from countries that are at the forefront of current events.


About Our Members

The majority of our members are well-traveled and speak a variety of languages. We have professors, lawyers, and a plethora of professionals from all facets of business and governmental agencies in our Council.  The diversity of our members offers the International Program a special touch and gives the Visitors a chance to learn many aspects of American society.

Through various gatherings, EPCIV members have built close friendships that will last a lifetime between the members themselves and the International Visitors.

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These pictures are the "Proclamations" the Hospitality hosts present to the International Visitor.  They are proclamations declaring the International Visitors as Supreme Travelers of the Southwest!

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Executive Director
Araceli L. McCoy

Board Officers


Louie Salazar

Past President

David Buchmueller

Vice President

Jennifer Archibeque


Mark Watts


Jimmy Stevens

Neva Uphoff

Board Members

Class of 2016-2017
Anna Aleman
Robert Gray
Lillian Mayberry

Class of 2017-2018
Jennifer Archibeque
Neva Uphoff
Barbara Walker
Ron Weber

Class of 2018-2019
Paul Hernandez
Martha Vera